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Secular Ceremony

    Officiate a ceremony … What does that mean?

    Nowadays, the profession of ceremonial officiant is more and more popular. Indeed, people want to celebrate their marriage or renew their vows in less conventional, more personalized, sophisticated way, thus reflecting their personality and their lifestyle.

    Who is the The Ceremonial Officiant?

    The Ceremonial Officiant is a professional who designs and officiates custom ceremonies for weddings, vow renewals, baptisms, funerals or other special events. The key to is to work confidently with couples or families to create a ceremony that meets their needs and desires, while respecting their traditions and beliefs in order to best trace the love story that binds the couple.

    This is where the Ceremonial Officiant comes into play, as a true conductor…

    The role of the ceremony officiant guides the couple or family through the process of creating the ceremony, providing ideas, suggestions and resources to help them create the ceremony of their dreams. As your Ceremonial Officiant, I listen to everyone’s wishes in order to guide and advise them while respecting their choices. I work alongside other providers to make sure the ceremony goes off without a hitch.
    Trained and graduated by the EFMM in March 2022, I am able to perform for you a memorable ceremony, taking into account the various habits and customs that may be dear to your family traditions.
    The secular ceremony currently has legal recognition in France, as its purpose is to create real intimacy for a precious and unique moment. This ceremony does not subtract from a religious or civil marriage, but comes in addition to them (which is very appreciated during mixed marriages in particular). If you wish to formalize your Union, you therefore have the possibility of either linking a secular ceremony to your civil marriage, or of celebrating your marriage in a country recognized by France, such as the United States or Italy ( see article of the website: ) .

    This close collaboration makes it possible to personalize the ceremony and respond to a wide variety of requests. The ceremony can take place in France or even all over the world, depending on the chosen destination. If you have made the very personal choice to celebrate your union by calling on me to officiate, rest assured that I will be able to respect your choices, your expectations but also, very importantly, your privacy by remaining discreet and confidential. The first contact is made as far as possible face-to-face. During this exploratory interview, we will get to know each other and you will be offered a questionnaire which I will then use to write your ceremony (by transcribing the elements that you wish to communicate to me and share with your loved ones).
    Once the writing is finished, I will submit it to you or leave you the surprise for more emotions. We will decide together on the orchestration of your ceremony as well as the choice of possible options for decoration, music, rituals or the participation of speakers of your choice.
    A secular ceremony is therefore accompanied, if you wish, by rituals for two or including your loved ones. If the concept of the ritual tempts you, I will be there to help you find the one that suits you the most. There is also a symbolism that I particularly appreciate; it is about thinking of the absent, which is a way of having them with you on this day through a text, a gesture or an object that will make you think of them. The choice of the place is also very important because it is what will serve as the main decor on that special day.
    It is therefore essential to find out in advance about possible arrangements, acoustics, for example. Choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony depending on the region and the seasons ( although the well-known saying goes: older/rainy wedding, happy wedding; better to avoid destroying your guests’ brushing… ).