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P&J’s renewals vows

    Recently I went to New York again to organize and celebrate the renewals of wishes of Priscilia and Jean; two Brazilians who have been living in the United States for a few years. I met Priscila last year at Kaplan and we forged friendships across the Atlantic.
    And it was quite natural that Priscilia asked me if I would agree to celebrate their union again in a ceremony in complete privacy in the heart of Manhattan because that’s where their life is now.
    I obviously accepted this challenge ( because yes the double cap of wedding planner and celebrant  can be a real challenge ).
    And it was over the months and through their answers to my questions that I managed to establish a relationship of trust, which allowed me to understand what their wishes, their desires but also their requirements really were.

    Ceremony Organization

    P&J left me carte blanche as to the choice of providers on site ( florist, photographer, wedding cake ), while respecting their budget of course.
    This time no administrative procedures because they were renewals of wishes, nevertheless my task was to organize the ceremony but also to write the text.
    This was my first time as an officiant since I graduated from EFMM. So I took this opportunity as a chance to prove that I was able to carry out my two professions together.

    Of course, the writing of the ceremony was done remotely through a well-established and precise questionnaire, but having been able to spend a few days before the ceremony with them, I gradually modified my text because I learned to get to know them more personally and to understand how their couple worked; and this allowed me to create the emotion and interactivity sought during this event.

    Progress of the ceremony

    P&J had decided to celebrate their union at Central Park on Sunday morning ( and it was not an easy task in view of the number of tourists on the weekend and a race that took place the same day in the park ).
    Johnny Vacar the photographer ( we have known each other for 8 years now at my first wedding ) was waiting for us at Bethesda Fountain which was the place chosen by P&J for their union.
    Luckyly that morning it was very nice which was a good omen for the course of the day and to take beautiful photos.
    We settled under the vaults of the staircase with the view of the fountain; at this time the world was beginning to arrive but fortunately we managed to be calm during the ceremony.
    The advantage of a secular ceremony in a place like this, is that it does not require floral or other decoration because the place is self-sufficient; it is therefore simpler in terms of material and administrative organization and budget.

    My ceremony lasted about 30 minutes, it was full of emotions for all of us ( yes me too ), we laughed, we cried but above all we had an incredible moment of sharing and love. The bride and groom themselves did not expect so many emotions.
    This first as a secular ceremonial officiant confirmed me in the idea that this is what I really want to do because seeing happiness in people’s eyes does me a lot of good and I am happy to be able to trace their story through my texts.
    There was no exchange of alliances but everyone had written their wishes and it was a very moving moment.
    I officiated in English and slipped a few Portuguese words in tribute to their origins.

    Once the ceremony was over, Johnny continued his photo shoot around the fountain and then on the Bow Bridge; and there it was necessary to make your way between tourists in masse, but as every time people are so surprised and cheerful to see newlyweds in the park that they play the game and always benevolent.
    The rest of the day was quite quiet; we had lunch together in a restaurant on Staten Island offering a magnificent view of the skyline, then I left them alone for the rest of the afternoon.
    In the evening I surprised them by going to their house with a pretty wedding cake reminiscent of Priscilia’s bouquet.

    I am proud to have carried out this mission that was close to my heart and I thank P&J very much for their trust.

    Renouvellement de voeux de P&J