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by Carolive

About ?

My name is Caroline, i’m 45 years old and mother of three grown children. Passionate, volunteer and self-motivated i’ve always dreamed to start a family and have a fulfilled professional life in line with my values by devoting myself to people well being, this is the reason why i created Wedd’in New York and Wedd’in Paris.
I’ve always been passionate about United States ….

Caoline CEO of Weddin New York

Wedd’in New York Services

Because preparing for your wedding is an important event, getting support reduces stress and fatigue.
I’m here for you, whether you choose to leave alone to get married or whether you need to have our team by your side.
Wedd’in New York is not only a wedding planner agency but also the possibility of calling on a secular ceremony officiant to unite you in a unique and personalized way.
This is why I offer you 3 different formulas allowing you to stick as closely as possible to the desires of your union.

Your Ceremony

Organization and celebration of your Union

Just You

Organization of the wedding without accompaniment

You and I

Organization of the wedding with accompaniment

Sunset on the The Brooklyn Bridge
Some news about the town

Let’s work together to
make your wedding in New York

Marriage for all with Weddin New York